ETC Phoenix Upgrade Countdown

The Phoenix upgrade block 10,500,839 is scheduled to occur on  {{forkTs | formatForkTs}} which is in

{{forkTs | timeToFork}}

{{ bestBlock | formatBlock }} / 10,500,839 | {{ 10500839 - bestBlock | formatBlock }} blocks to go

🎉 🎉 The upgrade is now live on the ETC Mainnet 🎉 🎉

Live client status

ClientVersionStatusBlock NumberBlock HashTotal DifficultyLast Block
{{ name }}{{ value.version ? value.version : '-' }}In SyncSyncing{{ value.block.number }}{{value.block.hash | subStr}}{{ value.block.totalDifficulty | formatTotalDifficulty }} ({{value.totalDifficultyPercentage}}%){{ value.block.timestamp | fromNow }}
Next update in {{updateIn}}s

Phoenix ready & synced clients seen on the ETC network (last 24h)

coregeth 260 (100%)0 (0%)
openethereum 45 (100%)0 (0%)
multigeth 28 (100%)0 (0%)
besu 26 (100%)0 (0%)
geth 0 (0%)11 (100%)
openetc 0 (0%)1 (100%)
Total359 (97%)12 (3%)

Block Explorers

Block ExplorersStatus
BlockScoutNo information
ExpeditionNo information
Guarda ETC Block Explorer No information
Emerald ReceiptNo information
ETC Token ViewNo information
etcplanetNo information
Coin MetricsNo information
0xETHNo information


CoinbeneNo information
CatexNo information
ExxNo information
OkexNo information
BiKiNo information
DigifinexNo information
FatBTCNo information
BKEXNo information
MXCNo information
BiboxNo information
P2pb2bNo information
CoinsbitNo information
CoinealNo information
Bit-ZNo information
CoinexNo information
BitMart.ExchangeNo information
ZBNo information
HitBTCNo information
CoineggNo information
TokokNo information
HotbitNo information
DcoinNo information
BinanceNo information
Binance USANo information
HuobiNo information
UPbitNo information
CointigerNo information
WhiteBitNo information
KrakenNo information
GateNo information
BittrexNo information
BitfinexNo information
BigOneNo information
PoloniexNo information
KuCoinNo information
EXMONo information
CoinbaseNo information
LbankNo information
OKCoinNo information
BithumbNo information
SwapzoneNo information
HBTC (BHEX)No information
CommonwealthNo information
Saturn NetworkNo information


EtherclusterNo information
DappDirectNo information
BloqCloudNo information
QuikNodeNo information
Google BigQueryNo information

Mining Pools

Mining PoolsStatus
ethermineNo information
NanoPoolNo information
2minersNo information
MiningPoolHubNo information
BeepoolNo information
SoloMiningPoolsNo information
AntPool / BitmainNo information
AnyhashNo information
HvppsNo information
AltpoolNo information
CruxPoolNo information
CominingNo information
EthashpoolNo information
CoinotronNo information
CoolPoolNo information
hashcityNo information
Clona NetworkNo information
F2PoolNo information
ZET Mining PoolNo information
UUpoolNo information
MinerallNo information
Pool BTC No information
ViaBTCNo information
ETC Pool MaxHashNo information
Mole PoolNo information
SimpleMiningNo information
Huobi PoolNo information
WhalesburgNo information
DigipoolsNo information
BTC.comNo information
MatPoolNo information


CoinGateNo information
CoinPaymentsNo information
SavvyNo information
utrustNo information


Alpha WalletNo information
ATokenNo information
Atomic WalletNo information
Button WalletNo information
CitoWiseNo information
Cobo WalletNo information
Coinbase WalletNo information
CoinomiNo information
CryptonatorNo information
Emerald WalletNo information
Exodus WalletNo information
Guarda WalletNo information
HubrisOneNo information
Infinito WalletNo information
Jaxx LibertyNo information
KeepKeyNo information
LedgerNo information
MEWNo information
MidasProtocolNo information
MyCryptoNo information
Nifty WalletNo information
Ownbit WalletNo information
Saturn WalletNo information
TrezorNo information
Trust WalletNo information
West WalletNo information
Zel OfficialNo information
ZenGoNo information


Where is the official announcement of the upgrade?

For the official announcement see the ECIPs tracker

Which upgrades are included?

For a complete list of EIPs included in the upgrade see  ECIP-1088.

Which action do I need to take?

If you are running an ETC client please update it to the latest version.